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Remnant Mediapost is a division of National Medialink, LLC, a media planning and buying service. The team at Remnant Mediapost provides last minute insider remnant deals at drastically reduced rates with excellent ad placement.

When it’s all said and done, it’s really about getting our clients the results they’re looking for at a low price point and always being there when they need us.

- Peter Vinci, Principal/Owner -

Peter VinciPeter Vinci has a reputation in the business as a savvy, tough negotiator on behalf of his clients. He has built personal relationships with media vendors over the past 25 years, and is often able to save his clients from a 25 to 90 percent discount when buying radio, print, outdoor, digital and television ad schedules.

According to Peter, “Any client who has worked with a large advertising agency knows that they usually end up with a junior media planner and buyer right out of school who changes every 12 to 18 months. Now we can offer the level of service, placement, below market pricing and added value that is necessary for a successful campaign in today’s overly fragmented and competitive marketplace.”

Peter started working for film production companies and post production facilities in the 80’s, mostly in operational and production capacities. He learned the production side of media, and in the early 90’s in New York, moved into media sales and management for WHTZ-Z100, Clear Channel, COX and Cumulus.

Peter expanded his media buying relationships as media director for an Atlanta based buying service responsible for planning and negotiating radio, print, newsprint, tv/cable, outdoor and digital media for national brands.

According to his clients, Vinci is respected as a knowledgeable, seasoned, sharp buyer and as an honest, fair, inspiring, hard-working and loyal team member.

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